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Film Payout Stations

Two film payout stations are supplied to dispense film from rolls to the doctor box assemblies. Each station is equipped with bowed rollers and air shafts. The bowed rollers are adjustable and the payout is controlled by a pneumatically adjusted braking system.

Doctor Blade Assemblies

Doctor Box Side ViewTwo doctor blade assemblies are provided to coat the films with uniform layers of paste. At each assembly, paste poured upstream of the doctor blade is measured into precise a coating on the film by the doctor blade as the film is passed under it. Supporting the film underneath is a backup bar that has been match ground with the doctor blade. The gap between these two, when properly set, should be constant to within 0.003° (76 microns) over the width of the film. It is possible, without disassembly, to manually raise the doctor blade, side dams, and back dam out of the way for cleanup.

Fiberglass Cutter

The cutter provided will chop glass roving strands into short lengths and drop them uniformly across the width of the paste coated lower film. The standard cutter 20140903_115834provided will be suitable for ½” cuts. Also provided is an oscillating ceramic eye feed system. An extra 3' of frame length can be provided for future additions such as a continuous roving feed system or an extra cutter.

Stahlin Final Photos 007 (Changed)Duel Wire Mesh Compaction System

A dual mesh belt compaction system made by Maryland Wire Belt Company is provided to impregnate the fiberglass with the SMC paste. This system utilizes two wire mesh belts to convey the SMC in a wavy path between an upper and a lower set of heavy duty steel rollers. The lower set of rollers is lifted by a set of air cylinders. The maximum speed of the Compaction System is rated 60 ft/min. Additional features are as follows:

  • A system of guiding the belts with positive drive pin rollers to prevent them from drifting off to either side.
  • Independent adjustment of the pressure of the pneumatic cylinders so that the processing pressure can be gradually applied as the material passes through the compactor. (larger widths may use hydraulic cylinders)Belt tension is applied to the wire mesh belts by air cylinders with a pressure regulator to provide complete adjustment of this tension.

Master Speed Control

It is possible to vary all speeds together with a single control without changing their ratios. In this way, the machine speed can be changed without changing the weight of glass per unit area on the SMC.

Drive System

The drive system incorporates the following features:

  • Independently adjustable variable speed drives for the cutter and the compactor motor.
  • It is possible to have any drive connected or disconnected without affecting the other drives.
  • Individual linear speed indicators shall be provided for each drive. These can indicate speed in either feet/minute or meters/minute as appropriate

Control System

The control system utilizes conventional electric components for starting and stopping the motors. The pneumatic controls such as film tension, cutter pressure, processing pressing pressure, etc. shall be done with line pressure pneumatic components mostly mounted in recessed panels on the machine frame. The drive interlocks for no cutter pressure and no film tension shall be done through the use of pressure switches. An operator panel is provided and mounted on a pedestal. An emergency stop button is mounted on the motor control panel, and an emergency stop cord running the length of the machine on both sides is provided.