Model GB Fiber ChoperModel GB Fiber Chopper

This is our small fiber chopper designed for those whose chopping requirements are not demanding in volume. The cutter roll is fitted with .035 x 1/2” tapered razor blades to cut the fiber. They are set apart on the roll at your specified intervals (1/4” minimum).

The idler roll serves to keep the fiber strands feeding properly. It provides pressure on the fibers to prevent vibration or bouncing. This idler roll is set close to the knife blades on the front face of the mandrel.

This unit will serve you well for many years with minimum maintenance. Give us a call today for your quotation.


  • Can be purchased with an optional AC Controller unit.
  • 115v, 1/6 hp, TEFC, 1725 rpm AC motor
  • Belt and Pulley driven with adjustable belt tension: — 2:1 ratio
  • 40 Blades (.035x 1/2 x 2.25 tapered ends) spaced on cutter roll at 1/4” intervals (Standard). Custom cutters rolls available.
  • Chop lengths with standard cutter roll (must remove blades): 1/4”,1/2”, 1”, 2” & 5” (other lengths available with custom cutter rolls).
  • Pounds per minute per strand: 1.18 (based on gun roving @205 yards per lb., 2400 tex):
  • Maximum strands: 3
  • Cutter Roll Circumference: 10.0”
  • Cot sleeves are either polyurethane or neoprene rubber depending on durometer desired.