This versatile cutter has been on the market for over 65 years.  It is small, powerful and can chop a variety of fibers from basalt to carbon tow.  It is a low maintenance unit requiring only that you change the blades and cots when worn.

This unit is in use around the world; China, Russia, Romania, Canada, Mexico, South America and, of course, in the United States. The components of the unit are available world wide to make for easier replacement should it be necessary.

We supply the blades and cots worldwide and can ship replacements usually within a week of the order.

The unit is easily disassembled for cleaning when necessary and the cot mandrel and cutter roll are easily removed and replaced.

We invite you to send a sample of your material to us for a test cut prior to your purchase. Give us a call or send an email with your questions or request for quotation.


  • 2hp, 60 hz, 1725 rpm AC motor (configured to run on 50 hz for export). Size of motor depends on size of unit.
  • Tigear-2 Reducer, 5:1 ratio, 350 rpm rpm output for 56C frame
  • Produces one (1) pound of roving per strand being cut per minute at maximum output. (Varies with the weight of the roving being cut)
  • Unit can be configured to cut carbon tow and other fibers.
  • Air assisted mandrel to provide uniform pressure across the cot surface.
  • Cutter bar widths: 7" to 12 inches
  • Cutting widths: 1/8 to 2 inches (available in mm also). Standard cutter roll is made with 1/4" blade spacing.
  • Cots are 4-1/2 inch OD and are supplied in the proper durometer based upon the material being cut.
  • Unit is easily moved and has a small footprint.

Fiber Chopper-800a