Festooner System


20140903_115608This is our fully automated festooning system. This unit features an in-line film accumulator, automatic film cutoff system and a four part box loading system that loads the box, positions it under the folder arm and removes the box when filled. The cutoff system is activated by signal from the scale when the box is full.

The system is designed to run in concert with your line speed and comes with a fence enclosure for safety and has its own HMI and scale controls.

This is a custom built system and can be made to fit any SMC Line.


  • Folder arm driven by separate motor.
  • Slide table stainless steel with conveyor belt assist.
  • Available with optional film cut-off feature.
  • Cut-off system is pneumatically controlled and can be controlled through your operator’s panel.
  • Available with optional weigh scale and conveyor system.
  • Feed motor can be controlled from your SMC operator’s panel or manually.
  • Available with optional explosion proof electrical system.
  • Can be custom designed for your system.